Group Talks & Presentations

Sheri is happy to design a presentation specific to your group’s size and needs. Below is a sampling of some popular topics.

  • Moving Away From Diets (why diets don’t work, physical vs. emotional hungers, a non-diet approach to mindful eating and making peace with food, exercise, and our bodies)
  • Separating Nutrition Fact from Fiction (the truth about calories, carbs, sugars, gluten, fats, dairy and protein)
  • Meal Planning & Sleep When Busy and Stressed (how to make time for self-care, create balanced meals and snacks, and manage stress, caffeine, alcohol, sleep, exercise, & rest)
  • Grocery Shopping Tour (healthy food tips aisle-by-aisle and label reading) 
  • Body Talk (how body image develops, 5 practical strategies to build positive body esteem in yourself and others)
  • Healthy Parenting with Food (how to prevent the duel problems of obesity and eating disorders, practical guidelines about what and how to feed kids, including picky eaters)
  • When Food & Fitness Become a Problem (eating disorders, disordered eating, why it develops, how to help yourself, how to promote a positive food/fitness culture)
  • Exercise Nutrition: Fueling for Optimal Training, Performance, & Recovery (this presentation can be broken up into several short “Team Talks” or one longer seminar covering hydration, everyday training nutrition, and fueling before/during/after events)

Contact Sheri for speaking fees.

View From Angel's Landing in Zion
View From Angel's Landing in Zion